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Zombie Survival Checklist Business Form Template

Zombie Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Fields: weapons, handgun, the ability to use a handgun accurately, practice aiming for the head, bullets, baseball/cricket bat (titanium), the guts to swing a bat at a zombies head, a crowbar, lead pipe, hatchet, chainsaw, survival gear, knife, rations for at least three days, water, water bottle, water purification tablets, soap, matches, lighter, first aid kit, respiratory mask, rope, headlamp, wire (for traps), tent, blanket, water-proof backpack, clothing, durable coat/pants that will not let a bite get through, extra socks (to prevent foot rot), extra underwear (to use after initial terror), combat boots, hat, poncho, sunscreen, a cool leather coat, sunglasses (for delivering one-liners)

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