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Wilderness Emergency Checklist Business Form Template

Wilderness Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Food Supplies, 3 liters of water, Water bottle, Water purification tablets, Freeze-dried food, Protein bars, Granola, Dried fruit, Trail mix, Bouillon cubes, Seasoning, Tea, Peanut butter, Utensils, Propane tank for cooking/lamp, Frying pan/pot, Ziploc bags, Plastic bags, Aluminum foil, Fishing lines/hooks, Equipment, Knife, Map, Matches/Lighter, Tinder, Rain coat, Sunglasses, Water-proof hiking boots, Sunscreen, Bug repellent, First aid kit, Compass, Rope, Duct tape, Flashlight, Needle and thread, Whistle, Blanket, Tent, Signal mirror, Lip balm, Soap/disinfectant, Towel/Sponge/Washcloth

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