Printable Business Form Templates
Vehicle Appraisal Verification Letter Business Form Template


To: {Name}


{City, State, Zip}

Dear {Client Name},

Thank you for considering your vehicle, {Make, Model, and VIN}, for {sale/trade-in}. The following appraisal is good through {date} and presumes the condition remains the same as at the time of appraisal.

Our team determined the value of your vehicle by {process/methodology}. We also took into account {market analysis, condition, comparable vehicles, etc.}.

The trade-in allowance is {amount}, if you were to purchase the {vehicle description} you are considering. If you wish to sell your vehicle outright, our offer is {amount}.

The terms and conditions, along with relevant disclaimers, are attached.

I look forward to discussing this more at your earliest convenience. Next steps are: {describe}.


{Dealership Representative Name}

Attachment: terms and conditions

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