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Used Car Mechanic Checklist Business Form Template

Used Car Safety Checklist

Fields: Date, No., Mechanic, Year, Make, Model, Color, VIN, No scratches, No dents, No rust, Color matches, Original paint job, Door/trunk/hood seams match up, Passes magnet test, Headlights/brights work, Signal indicators work, Brake lights work, Windshield wipers/wiper fluid work, Windshield fully intact, No body work done, No chassis damage, Evenly-worn tread, Trusted brand name, Tires all the same make, No cracks cuts or abnormalities, Spare tire inflated and functional, Working jack and lug wrench, Stable idling speed, No wheel resistance, Does not pull to the left or right, Does not drift, No shaking/vibrating/clicking/bumping, Parking brake functions, Emergency brake functions, Brakes do not lock with ABS, Brakes do not grind, Brakes are not soft, Doors/trunk open and shut easily, Doors/trunk lock and unlock easily, Alarm/key fobs work easily, Seats adjust properly, Seatbelts work properly, Seats are intact and not ripped, Airbag is intact, Dashboard gauges function correctly, No warning signs visible on dash, Hazard lights work correctly Stereo works correctly, Heater/AC work correctly, No odors, Clean exhaust, No cracks or leaks, Does not overheat, Clean under oil cap, Dipstick oil clean and full, No corrosion on battery, Clean transmission fluid, Smooth gear shift, Smooth reverse, No delays or slippage, Title is available, Service record is available, Manual is included with car

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