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Student Film Actor Release Form Business Form Template

Actor Release Form

Student Film

I, {Name}, attest that I am a ___SAG actor ___non-union actor appearing in {title of film, television show, etc.}, which is a student production. I agree to the following as conditions of my appearance:

  1. {Student} has the rights to use my performance, voice, likeness, image, etc. as it pertains to {title of film, television show, etc.} and any related materials, such as publicity, marketing, etc. in any capacity. This includes screenings at film festivals, screenings for potential distributors, as well as any other distribution, promotion, exhibition, etc.
  1. I have received no compensation for my performance and/or appearance in this student film, nor will I ever receive any compensation. This applies even if the film is sold into distribution.
  1. I may use this film as evidence of my work on any reel or résumé I create.
  1. I will not make any claims, suits, actions, demands, etc. against {Student} or any of {his/her} representatives for anything related to the use of my performance, voice, likeness, image, etc.

______________________________                ______________________________
Actor Name                                                                       Actor Signature


______________________________                ______________________________
Student Name                                                                    Student Signature


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