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Room Rental Agreement Business Form Template

Room Rental Agreement

{Name}, henceforth known as "Tenant," and {Name}, henceforth known as "Landlord," agree to the following as conditions for the Tenant renting a room in the Landlord's {house/apartment} at {address}.

1. The Basics

Tenant agrees to rent the {specific description of room} in Landlord's {house/apartment}, beginning on {date}.

Tenant will be signing a {month-to-month, year, etc.} lease.

Tenant will owe {first month's rent, security deposit, etc.} on this date, prior to moving in.

2. Rent

Tenant will subsequently pay {amount} in rent every month, due on {date}.

Any rent paid past the {date} of the month will be assessed a late fee of {amount}.

Consistent late payments of rent may result in the termination of this lease, and eviction of Tenant.

3. Utilities

Tenant will be responsible for a percent of the household utilities, including {list of the utilities}. The breakdown is as follows:

Utility                                       Percentage


4. Rules

Tenant is expected to abide by house rules, which include the following: {list of the rules, such as those dealing with noise, guests, smoking, etc.}.

Tenant will be responsible for cleaning {list of what tenant will be responsible for cleaning, such as any common spaces like a kitchen or bathroom}.

5. Disputes

Tenant and Landlord agree to attempt to settle any disputes between them on their own.

If Tenant and Landlord are unable to reach an agreement with regard to any dispute, {they will seek third party mediation, Tenant will agree to leave within 30 days, etc.}.

Tenant and Landlord agree that this lease is subject to the laws and regulations of the state of {State}.

____________________________                    ____________________________
Tenant Name                                                       Tenant Signature


____________________________                    ____________________________
Landlord Name                                                    Landlord Signature


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