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Request A Raise Business Form Template

{Employer Name}
{Employer Position Title}
{Employer Department}

{Employee Name}
{Employee Position Title}
{Employee Department}


RE: Salary Increase

Dear {Employer Name},

I would like to request a meeting in order to discuss my salary and a possible raise. I enjoy my work here and feel that my performance since the time I started justifies an increase in my salary.

In the {number} of years that I have worked for you, I have been put in charge of {responsibilities}. In addition to those responsibilities, I have also taken the initiative to {take on extra assignments, organize files, streamline processes, etc.}

Since taking on those responsibilities, I have improved efficiency and output throughout the office. My work in {area} has produced {specific benefit that your actions caused}. I have also been loyal, committed and focused in my work for you.

I hope you will give my request serious consideration. Please let me know of a day and time that would work for you to meet and discuss this subject. Thank you for your time.


{Sender Name}

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