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Rejected Goods Notification Business Form Template

ABC Warehouse
123 Main St.
Anytown, CA 95928
(555) 555-1212

August 14, 2010

Dear ___________,

This letter is to advise you that our firm must reject and return some or all of the goods received from you on [date], related to our purchase order #___________. Please immediately [credit our account/issue a refund] and provide details on how we can return these goods at your company's expense. The reason(s) for this measure are checked below:

____ Goods arrived in defective or damaged condition as described below:

____ Delivered later than the time specified.

____ Our order was never marked as accepted by your company, and thus we ordered them elsewhere and are no longer in need of this shipment.

____ Goods were not comparable to the samples, advertisements, catalog, or other representations as described below:

____ Partial shipment is not acceptable; the terms of our agreement required all the goods to be delivered at once.


Danny Danielson, manager

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