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Property Management Agreement Business Form Template

Property Management Agreement

Owner Name:
Manager Name:
Rental Property Address:

The Owner hereby grants the authority to control, rent, lease and collect on the aforementioned property to the Manager for the following time period:

Start Date:
End Date:

The Owner and the Manager agree on the foregoing terms and conditions:

The Manager is granted the authorization to lease and rent the units within the rental property. The Manager may advertise the property, sign, renew and cancel leases. He/she may collect on rent and sue for rent uncollected.

The Manager may alter, decorate, repair and maintain the rental units, and approve or deny tenant alterations. The Manager may also hire workers, contractors and supervisors in order to execute said repairs.

The Manager will submit to the Owner all receipts from rent acquired and expenses paid.

Additional conditions:

Owner Signature
Date Signed

Manager Signature
Date Signed

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