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Pre-Rental Comparison Checklist Business Form Template

Pre-Rental Comparison Checklist

Fields: Unit #1, Unit #2, Unit #3, Lease, Lease amount, Security deposit, Length of grace period after rent is due, Penalty for late rent, Length of lease, Required length of advanced notice, Amount due for cleaning fee, Utilities, Water/sewage paid?, Gas/heat paid?, Electricity paid?, Cable/internet paid?, Trash/recycling paid?, Air conditioning?, Additional, Pets allowed? What kind of pets?, Pet fee, Parking availability, Cost of parking spots, Laundry on-site?, Cost per load, Storage availability, Cost of storage, Gym/pool/lounge area, Proximity, Proximity to gas station, Proximity to schools, Proximity to parks, Proximity to workplace, Proximity to grocery store, Proximity to bus line, Proximity to gym

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