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Notice of Probation Business Form Template

Notice of Probation

Form fields: employee name, department, title

On {date} you were warned about {incident}, which, as we're sure you know, is unacceptable for any employee here at {company}. As a result of this incident/behavior, you are hereby placed on a {number} day probation. This period will allow you to prove your value to {company} and allow us to regain trust in you. If, during this period, there is another incident, or you exhibit any further behavior unbecoming of a {company} employee, we will have no choice but to terminate your employment.

By signing this document, you acknowledge that you have received this notice of probation, and that you understand the terms.

_________                  _____________________________

Date                                            Employee Signature

_________                  _____________________________
Date                                            Supervisor Signature

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