Printable Business Form Templates
Notice of Lease Termination Business Form Template

Dear Resident,

Effective as of {date}, I am officially terminating your lease for {apartment/unit number} at {address}.

As per the terms of your lease agreement, I retain the ability to terminate the lease should you break any of its covenants. Because of {reasons for termination}, I have no choice but to exercise that right.

All of your belongings must be removed by the date listed above. After said date, you will no longer be allowed on the property without my permission, or else face criminal trespassing charges.

Also per the terms of your agreement, you {have/have not} forfeited your right to your {amount} security deposit. {If the person gets any security deposit back, indicate the details here}.

You may contact me with any questions, as long as you understand that this letter is official and final.



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