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Move-In Letter Business Form Template


Dear {Recipient},

Welcome to {Name} Apartments! Since moving in can be a lot to deal with, this letter should help you keep all the important information in one place.

Rent is ${amount}, and is due at the first of every month at our main office, located at {address.} Please include your name, apartment number and the month on the check's memo line. Rent is considered late on the {date} of every month, and you will be charged ${amount} after {time.} We take care of {utilities,} but you will be responsible for {utilities.} In order to get your {heat, cable, internet, etc} set up, please contact {Name} at {phone number.}

When it comes to maintenance, you may file requests with me at {email, phone, address.} If I am unavailable, my emergency contact is {Name} and can be reached at {email, phone, address.}

I encourage you to get renter's insurance in the case of water or fire damage, or in the chance of a break-in. Parking passes are available for ${amount} and must be displayed in the windshield so that the car does not get towed.

In order to work the {dishwasher, heating/cooling system, breakers, etc} please observe the following guidelines:

{Additional tenant regulations here}

It's wonderful to have you as a new tenant! The move-in date is {date.} Please give me a call to arrange a time, or to ask any questions that you may have.


{Manager/Landlord Signature}

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