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Location Release Form Business Form Template


This agreement ("Agreement") is made this {date} day of {month}, {year}, between {Name of Location Owner}, hereinafter referred to as "Owner," and {Name of Production Company}, hereinafter referred to as "Company," establishing the conditions under which Company may photograph and/or record Owner's location for {name of film, television show, etc.}.

Owner's location will be visible in certain shots Company needs for the production. As such, Owner and Company agree to the following provisions:

Owner will allow Company the right to photograph and/or record ONLY the exterior of location.

Company will not bring any equipment or personnel into the location at any point.

Company's permission for filming, photographing or recording the interior of the location must be addressed in a separate agreement.

Company is entitled to photograph and/or record the exterior of the location at will during the production, without the Owner having influence on the way in which the recording will feature the location.

Owner grants that Company will own all footage, recordings, tapes, etc. that are made at the Owner's location.

Owner agrees to keep confidential any information and/or material {he/she/it} learns or receives as a result of the location being used for this production.

___________________________              ___________________________
Owner Name                                              Owner Signature

___________________________              ___________________________
Company Representative Name                  Representative Signature

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