Printable Business Form Templates
Letter Reporting Business To Regulatory Agency Business Form Template

Dear {Regulatory Agency},

It is after much time, effort, and frustration that I am writing to report that {Business Name} is not operating in good faith, nor within the confines of {state/federal} law.

I {filed an insurance claim/bought a car/took out a loan/etc.} on {date} at the {Business Name} at {location}. I was initially assisted by {Employee Name}.

Then, {negative event}. Unfortunately, my repeated efforts to {resolution} went unsatisfied. The business {would not reply/insisted no wrongdoing/etc.} However, {situation}. Moreover, my research indicates that their actions are specifically afoul of {rule or law}.

I urge your agency to investigate this matter. I previously reached out to {supervisor/ombudsman} to no avail. I am confident that what we have experienced is so egregious that it should draw the attention of the commissioner.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. I am available with further information, along with documentation, at your convenience.



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