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Letter Of Demotion Business Form Template

{Employer Name}
{Employer Position Title}
{Employer Department}

{Employee Name}
{Employee Position Title}
{Employee Department}


RE: Demotion

Dear {Name},

The {Reviewer/Leader/Supervisor} of the Disciplinary Council on {date} has reviewed your case and, based on the information and testimonials available, has determined that demotion is the best course of action.

Effective {date}, you are demoted from {position/title} to {position/title}. This decision is based on {reason(s)} mentioned previously in {meeting/warning/memo} on {date(s)}. Your new position is {exempt/non-exempt} and is part of the {Name} department. You will hereafter report to {Supervisor}. Your salary is {amount}.

I have attached {relevant documents} to this letter that more fully describe your new position. Please read them carefully. A meeting has been arranged for {time} on {date} with {Supervisor}, who will go over your new schedule, status, and performance expectations.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


{Sender Name}

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