Printable Business Form Templates
Letter Demanding Action Business Form Template

Dear {business or entity},

I am deeply concerned that I have not received a reply to my letters of {date, date} and {date}, nor to my phone calls of {date} and {date}. I contacted you about {issue}, and would appreciate prompt attention to this matter.

{Situation}. Then, {issue}. I expected a quick resolution under the terms of your {policy}. However, {time period} has passed and I’ve received nothing—not even an explanation.

I must insist that {my goods be returned/a refund be issued/a conversation take place}. If I do not hear from someone by {date}, I will have no choice but to report this matter to {business bureau/regulating agency/social media/etc.}.

I look forward to a resolution by the aforementioned date of {date}.



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