Printable Business Form Templates
Landlord Move-Out Letter Business Form Template


To {Name}


{City, State, Zip}

Dear {Recipient},

This is to notify you that your lease is scheduled to end on {date} at {time}. At that time, you are expected to have permanently vacated the premises, along with all of your personal effects. Please take note of the following before you depart

Your walkthrough inspection meeting will take place on {date} at {time}. If you have a time conflict, please contact {Name} at {contact info} to reschedule.

During the walkthrough, you will provide the inspector with your forwarding address and all copies of your keys to the front door, bedrooms, garage, pool, gym, laundry room, {etc.}.

You put down a deposit of {amount} when you moved in. This money will be mailed to your forwarding address, less the cost of cleaning or repairing the property after your departure. You are expected to return the property to the same state it was in when you leased it.

Please cancel all of your utilities, which include {list} and any other subscriptions or utilities made in your name.

Thank you for leasing at {Property Name} and good luck in the future.

Thank you,


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