Printable Business Form Templates
Landlord Lease Renewal Business Form Template


To: {Name}
       {City, State, Zip}

Dear {Recipient},

On {date}, our records indicate that your {term-length} lease will expire. {Property management} appreciates you as a tenant here at {address} and would like to extend a new lease agreement, which is attached.

The new {term-length} lease will run from {date} to {date}. Please note the following changes:

{Rent amount change}
{Security deposit change}
{Rent due date change}
{Restricted items change}
{Repair/maintenance change}
{Utilities change}
{Pet policy change}

All other terms from the original lease apply as usual.

If you choose to renew your lease with us, please initial and sign the attached lease where indicated and return the lease to {location} no later than {date}. If we do not receive the signed lease by that date, your lease will be terminated.

If you choose not to renew your lease with us, please notify us at your earliest convenience. You will be required to evacuate the premises no later than {date} by {time}.

Thank you,


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