Printable Business Form Templates
Job Offer Letter Business Form Template

{Phone Number}

{Applicant Name}


Dear {Name},

This letter serves as an official employment offer on behalf of {Company Name} as a {job title}. A document detailing your job duties are attached, and are subject to change in response to client and market needs. Any questions regarding responsibilities may be directed to {Contact}.

Should you choose to accept this offer, your starting date will be {date}, provided that you attend {necessary training} by date. Your starting salary will be {salary} paid on a {basis} basis, with the possibility for upward mobility after {amount of time}. This amount is subject to taxes and deductions as required by state and federal law, as well as company policy. This offer includes the following benefits:

You will receive {number} paid holidays, {number} paid vacation days and {number} sick leave days per year. All benefits are subject to company review and change according to company policy.

In order to accept this offer you are required to sign the following documents, which are attached: {non-compete clause, non-disparagement agreement, etc.} These documents must be signed and mailed to {address} by {date}.

Thank you for your interest in our company. We look forward to adding you as a valued member to our team. Please contact the number found at the top of this letter if you have any questions or concerns.

Once signed, this contract is a binding agreement between you and our company. The conditions outlined in these documents are the sole conditions of our agreement. Nothing expressed, written or unwritten, outside of this contract is legally binding. Please peruse it carefully before signing.

"I, {Name}, acknowledge that the aforementioned conditions are to my satisfaction. I accept the job offer as it has been explained to me."



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