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Intent To Vacate Apartment Business Form Template

123 Main St., Apt. #5
Anytown, CA 95928
(555) 555-1212
[email protected]

November 30, 2008

Andy Anderson
Main Street Property Management
345 Property Place.
Anytown, CA 95928

Dear Mr. Anderson:

This letter is to let you know that I intend to vacate Apt. #5 at Main Street Apartments effective December 30.

As you know, I paid a security deposit of $1,200 at the time I moved in two years ago, and I expect to receive a refund within the XX days required by law. Please send my deposit check to my new address: 123 New Place, Anytown, CA 95928.

I will contact you soon to arrange a walk-through.

I have had a largely pleasant experience living at Main Street Apartments. I have just purchased a house, and will be moving there. If you need to contact me for any reason, I can be reached via cell phone at (555) 555-1212.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


Danny Daniels

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