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Hurricane Emergency Checklist Business Form Template

Hurricane Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Fields: preparation, electronic equipment is moved to a safe place, important documents are in a safe location, gas and electricity are turned off, above-ground fuel tanks are secured, there is an outdoor portable generator, car has a full tank, storm windows are installed, vulnerable places are covered in tarp, loose shutters/outdoor furniture/trappings are secured, phone numbers, emergency contacts, local fire/rescue, local law enforcement, nearest hospital, utilities, property insurance, evacuation plan, an evacuation plan is readily available, an evacuation map is easy accessible, there are two planned ways to get out of any room, family members have learned the evacuation plan, family members know the emergency meeting place, household has practiced evacuations, windows are not stuck, window screens are easily removed, all family members can easily open locked doors, supplies for staying in, clean water, food rations (3 days), water purifiers, utensils/plates/cups/water bottles, paper towels, plastic bags, flashlight, batteries, matches/lightertinder, first aid kit, radio, soap/disinfectant/bleach, cell phone/charger

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