Printable Business Form Templates
Furlough Letter Business Form Template

Dear {Employee},

Per our discussion earlier, this letter is to formally inform you that you are being placed on furlough effective {date} with an anticipated return date of {date}.

This action is due to {pandemic/economic downturn/seasonal shift/etc.} and is being taken not due to any performance or other issues on your part, but rather to ensure continued solvency of the business so that we can continue to employ you and your colleagues in the future.

During the furlough period, you are not to work or come to the workplace and you will not be paid. However, {insurance/benefits continuation information}.

We look forward to bringing you back as soon as possible and will be in touch regarding a timeline for that. You will receive at least {length of time} notice before your return. Please notify our office of any change of address or other contact information.

Due to this furlough, you may be eligible for unemployment compensation, and you can reach out to {agency contact} for more information.



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