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Fire Emergency Checklist Business Form Template

Fire Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Fields: smoke detectors, theres a smoke detector on every floor, smoke detectors are in all sleeping areas, smoke detectors are placed high on the walls, smoke detectors are not near heating/cooling ducts, no smoke detectors are disabled, battery is checked once a month, battery is replaced once a year, extra batteries are kept in a safe place, smoke detector is replaced every 10 years, extinguishers, there is an extinguisher on every floor, there is an extinguisher in the kitchen, there is an extinguisher in the garage, the extinguisher is not blocked by doors/furniture, the extinguisher has no damaged or missing parts, the pressure is not too high or too low, the extinguisher does not need to be refilled, the extinguisher does not need to be replaced, the extinguisher is clean, the extinguisher is pressure tested every few years, emergency plan, an evacuation plan is readily available, an evacuation map is easy accessible, there are two planned ways to get out of any room, family members have learned the evacuation plan, family members know the emergency meeting place, household has practiced evacuations, windows are not stuck, window screens are easily removed, all family members can easily open locked doors, optional materials, residential fire sprinklers, collapsible fire ladders

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