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Employee Separation Form Business Form Template

Employee Separation Form

Fields: Employee, Date, Position, Start Date, Email, Phone, Address, Voluntarily left due to, New position, Relocation/Transfer, Medical Condition, School, Conflict with superior/coworker/schedule/pay, Retirement, Personal, Other, Involuntarily left due to, Tardiness, Absenteeism, Insubordination, Unsatisfactory Work, Job eliminated/changed, Lack of Work, Disability, Other, Explanation, Employee Statement, Separation is, Temporary, Permanent, Work will resume on, Employee is eligible for rehire?, Yes, No, If no, why not, Employee Received, Severance Pay, Wages in Lieu of Notice, Bonus, Profit Sharing, Payment Type, Payment Amount, Period, Employer, Account No., Position, Start Date, Email, Phone, Address, Employee Signature, Date, Employer Signature, Date

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