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Employee Patents And Inventions Agreement Business Form Template

Employee Patents and Inventions Agreement

Employee Address:

It is hereby mutually agreed upon between the Employer _____, and the Employee, _____ that the following conditions be put into effect regarding the patents and inventions created during and proceeding the Employee's contracted services:

1. The Employee shall provide a complete and accurate written account of patents and inventions developed during the time of employment, as well as materials, funding, resources, information and facilities utilized for the aforementioned purposes.
2. The Employee grants the Employer the rights, royalties and interests that may come from the invention or patent, during or after the Employee's contract has ended. The Employee agrees to sign over any documents or titles of ownership or intellectual property.
3. The Employee states that he/she has no prior inventions, patents or published materials that may overlap or conflict with the Employee's current contract with the aforementioned employer.
4. The Employer understands that he/she has no ownership of the rights, royalties or interests from patents or inventions made by the Employee that were made on the Employee's own time and that used the Employee's own materials, resources, facilities and information.
5. The Employer and the Employee both agree to the following additional conditions:

Employer Signature
Date Signed

Employee Signature
Date Signed

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