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Keep It For...

How long to keep important documents and receipts

Fields: Forever, Document, Location, Date Filed, Birth Certificate, Marriage License, Divorce Decree, Passport, Education Certificates, Military Service Records, Social Security Card, Life Insurance Policy, Until Updated or Renewed, Document, Location, Date Filed, Date Updated, Contracts, Car Insurance, Homeowner's Insurance, Annual Investment Statements, Credit Card Records, Social Security Statements, Last Will and Testament, , Until Sold or Completed, Document, Location, Date Filed, Date Sold, Real Estate Deeds, Receipts for Home Purchases, Receipts for Big Purchases, Loan Documents, Warranties, Service Contracts, Vehicle Titles, Other, Document, Location, Date Filed, Date Shredded, Bank Statements (1 Year), Tax Records (7 Years), Investment Statements (1 mo.)

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