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Deal Recap Business Form Template

Deal Recap

Fields: truth in lending, selling price (including all accessories), check in slip, bank, sales tax, appraisal slip, trade allowance, odometer certificate, payoff, power sheet, lien holder, insurance, cash deposit, cash receipts, amount, COD, deferred down, trade disc lic, PO amount, total cash down payment, good till, number of payments, verified by, number of days before 1st payment, registration, add on interest rate/APR, license and registration, amount financed, discount rate, finance reserve, credit life, premium, cost, reserve, credit A & H, physical damage, service contracts, other, total insurance reserve, total F & I reserve, finance commission, LAH insurance commission, service contract commission, PDI commission, salesman, price of vehicle, cost of vehicle, pack (gross payable), trade allowance, ACV of trade, over allowance, under allowance, commission #1/bonus, commission #2/bonus, manager commission, profit on sale, gross profit, approved by (name), approved by (signature), notes/comments

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