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Deal Memo Business Form Template


This Deal Memo is an agreement between {Name}, herein known as "Producer," and {Name}, herein known as "Employee."

Employee is being hired by Producer to {description of services and/or job Employee will perform}.

As compensation for the job and/or services above, Producer will pay Employee {number of dollars} per {day, week, or indicate that this is a flat rate for a determined length of time}.

Employee will be an employee of Producer for {the duration of the production and/or a specific length of time}.

Producer and/or {name of production company} has the right to use Employee's likeness in materials used for publicity for {the film, television show, etc.}.

Employee agrees that any information he/she learns and/or uses during the course of employment is the property of {production company} . Employee agrees to keep all such information, material, etc. confidential and secure from all third parties, unless he/she obtains written consent to do otherwise. Failure to maintain confidentiality will result in legal action against Employee.

Employee agrees that any work created for the purpose of {name of film, television show, etc.} is his/her original work. Employee further agrees that all rights, including copyrights, performance rights and publicity rights, belong to {producer and/or production company, or Employee}.

Employee understands that screen credits are at the sole discretion of {producer and/or production company}.

_________________________            __________________________
Employee Name                                    Employee Signature

Social Security Number

_________________________            __________________________
Producer Name                                     Producer Signature

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