Printable Business Form Templates
Covid Eviction Moratorium Tenant Business Form Template

Dear {Landlord},

I received your eviction notice requesting me to leave the premises of {property} due to nonpayment by {date}. While I understand that under normal circumstances eviction would be a reasonable response to nonpayment, it is not permissible due to the current eviction moratorium in place.

According to the moratorium announced for {City, State} and accessible at {website link}, you are forbidden by law from evicting tenants for nonpayment through {date}.

COVID-19 has hit me hard, and I have experienced {medical bills/job loss}. I am a conscientious and law-abiding tenant, but the circumstances of this could not be foreseen, and there has been no safety net or relief available to me. I hope you can understand. I am open to creating a payment plan with you based on what I am able to afford. You can contact me at {contact info}.



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