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Cosigner Agreement Business Form Template

Cosigner Agreement

The Cosigner
Lives in the state of _____
Makes three times the amount of rent due on a monthly basis Is currently employed
Agrees to cover the cost of rent and damages in the event that the applicant fails to pay
Understands that he/she has no right to possession of the premises, nor say in repairs, improvements or furnishings.
Will be released from the contract after the tenant vacates the premises, or through written assent from the landlord.

Fields: Address, Apt. No., Business Address, City, Cosigner Name, Cosigner Signature, Cosigning For, County, Date Signed, DOB, Driver's License No., Employment Name, First, Last Name, Manager/Landlord Signature, MI, Monthly Rent$, Place of Birth, Position, Relationship to Applicant, Residence Name, Salary $_____ per week $_____ per month $_____ annually, SSN, State, Street No., Zip

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