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Childproofing Checklist Business Form Template

Child-Proofing Checklist

General Check Baby's Room Check
Baby gates are at the tops/bottoms of stairs   Crib meets safety standards  
All drawers have guards on them   Crib mattress is firm  
Window guards keep windows closed   Crib has railings that are close together  
Window blind cords are cut/out of reach   Soft bedding and toys are removed  
Chemicals/cleaners are out of reach   Crib is not near a window or electrical socket  
Balconies/fire escapes have safety netting   Mobiles are out of reach  
Plants are placed out of reach   Furniture is bolted to the wall  
Plastic guards protect delicate appliances   Toy chests have proper hinge support/no lid  
Smoke detectors are in every sleeping area   Changing table meets safety standards  
There is a fire extinguisher in the house   Nightlight bulbs have guards over them  
All electrical outlets have covers      
Unstable furniture is fixed with furniture straps      
Sharp corners have pads/cushions on them      
Small items are locked up/out of reach  
Lead paint/asbestos/mold have been removed   Showers/faucets have anti-scalding devices  
Electrical cords are blocked/inaccessible   Toilets have security guards  
Fireplaces are covered by grates   Nothing is plugged in near water  
Choking hazards have been removed   Sharp utensils/medicine/cosmetics are locked up  
Cigarettes/matches/candles are out of reach   A rubber guard is on the tub faucet  
Stair bannisters have guards   There is a rubber mat by the tub  
Doors have guards to prevent pinched fingers   Medicine bottles have childproof caps  
Doors have one-piece doorstops      
  Toaster/coffee pots are unplugged when unused  
    Stove knobs have covers on them  
    Knives are kept out of reach  
    Trash can has a secure lid  
    Freezer/fridges have adhesive locks  
    Plastic bags are kept out of reach  
    Oven door is latched or secured  

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