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Cease and Desist Trademark Business Form Template

123 Main St., Apt. #5
Anytown, CA 95928
(555) 555-1212
[email protected]

September 19, 2014

Andy Anderson
345 Property Place.
Anytown, CA 95928

Dear Mr. Anderson

This letter serves as a formal demand for you to cease and desist your unlawful use of {trademark}, a common law trademark of {company/person}.

It has come to our attention that you have used, promoted, advertised, and sold {product}, which is strictly trademarked. This trademark was established on {date} as the property of {company}, which has used {trademark} to build its reputation and client base.

You are hereby required to remove {trademarked item} from {locations} and immediately cease the use of the trademarked {name, image, domain, subject, depiction, likeness}.

Please confirm your receipt of this letter and verify that a) the illegal use of the trademark has ceased and b) the following uses of the trademark have been removed, recalled, and/or taken down

{Trademark Violation}

{Trademark Violation}

{Trademark Violation}


Danny Daniels

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