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Cease and Desist Copyright Business Form Template

123 Main St., Apt. #5
Anytown, CA 95928
(555) 555-1212
[email protected]

September 19, 2014

Andy Anderson
345 Property Place.
Anytown, CA 95928

Dear Mr. Anderson

You are hereby notified that your use of {copyrighted work} is in violation of the copyright laws of the United States of America. All aspects of {copyrighted work} are the sole property of {company/person}.

{Copyrighted work} was copyrighted on {date} under standard copyright law, and all pieces of work that infringe upon the likeness, names, depictions, or other aspects of {copyrighted work} are subject to a {monetary amount} fine in statutory damages.

Please acknowledge that you have received this letter and verify that you have removed, recalled, and taken down any connection to the copyrighted material. If you do not cease and desist your copyright infringement, {company/person} will consider this willful infringement, and will pursue damages to the full extent of the law.

Please respond within {number} days, or we will be forced to take legal action.


Danny Daniels

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