Printable Business Form Templates
Billing Error Apology Letter Business Form Template

Dear {client/customer},

It is with regret and embarrassment that I contact you regarding a recent billing error.

Upon reviewing your recent order of {product/service}, our accounting office discovered that our representative neglected to include {additional items/square footage/installation/etc.}.

As a result of this error, your total amount due is {amount}, not {amount}. It breaks down as follows:

1. {Project scope}

2. {Cost per unit or size}

3. {Installation/delivery/misc.}

I am deeply sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We pride ourselves on having the highest quality and best prices in the region, but we cannot honor the wrongly quoted price.

We have received your down payment of {amount}. Please remit the additional {amount} at your earliest convenience, or reach out to me personally for other options. Thank you for your patronage.



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