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Bill Of Sale Business Form Template

Bill of Sale

Fields: Seller's information, seller's name, co-owner, seller's address, city, state, buyer's information, name, address, description of vehicle, year, make, color, model description, body style, # of cylinders, VIN, state title #, odometer reading, miles/kms

Disclosure and Warranty

The seller certifies that the odometer reading of this vehicle is correct to his or her knowledge, and that the seller has not modified the odometer, disconnected it, or rolled back the mileage during his or her ownership.

This vehicle is being sold "As Is," meaning there is no warranty for any defect and all repairs are the responsibility of the buyer unless the seller indicates any repairs for which they will pay for in this box:


Seller certifies to the buyer that the seller has the authority to sell this vehicle and transfer the title to the buyer and that the title is free of liens.

Seller acknowledges receiving the following payment from the buyer to transfer ownership of this vehicle.

Selling price: ______________


SELLER and BUYER agree that to the best of their knowledge, all the information on this Bill Of Sale is correct. The SELLER has received payment from the BUYER and hereby transfers ownership of this vehicle to the BUYER.

____________________                  _________
Signature of SELLER # 1                  Date

____________________                  _________
Signature of SELLER # 2                  Date

____________________                  _________
Signature of BUYER # 1                  Date

____________________                  _________
Signature of BUYER # 2                  Date

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