Printable Business Form Templates
Bank Fee Waiver Letter Business Form Template

Dear {bank or credit union},

I am writing to request a waiver of the fees applied to my {business/checking/savings} account number {number} on or around {date}.

I was charged {amount} in fees due to {overdrafts/NSF/excess transactions/etc.}. However, this is not an accurate reflection of the situation, and definitely does not reflect my long history of good standing with your financial institution.

It appears that the fees were assessed due to {delayed deposit/check not clearing/fraudulent withdrawal/automatic payment error/etc.}. Given these facts, the fees should not have been triggered.

Moreover, at the time these fees were assessed, there were extenuating circumstances. I was {sick/out of the country/family emergency/etc.}.

I would very much appreciate the immediate reversal of these fees. Thank you.



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