Printable Business Form Templates
Balance Sheet Business Form Template

Project Balance Sheet

Fields: opening balance, projected balance, current assets, cash in bank, accounts receivable, inventory, prepaid expenses, other current assets, total current assets, fixed assets, machinery & equipment, furniture & fixtures, leasehold improvements, land & buildings, other fixed assets, LESS: accumulated depreciation on all fixed assets, total fixed assets, other assets, intangibles, deposits, goodwill, other, total other assets, total assets, liabilities and equity, current liabilities, accounts payable, interest payable, taxes payable, notes, short-term (due within 12 months), current part, long-term debt, other current liabilities, total current liabilities, long-term debt, bank loans payable, notes payable to stockholders, LESS: short-term portion, other long-term debt, total long-term debt, owners' equity, invested capital, retained earnings - beginning, retained earnings - current, total owners' equity, total liabilities & equity

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