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Agreement To Terminate Lease Business Form Template

Agreement to Terminate Lease

The Landlord/Manager _____, and the Tenant, _____, of the residential property at the address: _____, unit number _____ hereby agree to terminate their residential lease.

The lease was signed into effect on the _____ of _____, 20_____ and will be officially terminated on the _____ of _____, 20_____.

A termination fee of $_____ will be paid by the Tenant before the move-out date.

The additional rent amount due of $_____ will be:
Paid in increments of $_____ for _____ days, or until a new tenant is found.

The security deposit in the amount of $_____ will be returned to the Tenant in _____ to _____ days after the termination date, less the cost of cleaning and repairs.

Any mail or correspondence addressed to the Tenant will be forwarded to the following address:

The Tenant hereby agrees to vacate the aforementioned rental unit's premises on the termination date, and to return the property to the Landlord in the same condition in which it was leased.

With this agreement signed and the premises vacated, all rights and obligations, financial and otherwise, held by between the landlord and the tenant are nullified, canceled and revoked. This agreement is binding to both parties, and any agents, employees or attorneys of either.

Landlord/Manager Signature

Tenant Signature

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