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Agreement On Tenant Alterations To Rental Unit Business Form Template

Agreement Regarding Tenant Alterations to Rental Unit

Tenant Name:
Landlord's Name:
Residence Address:
Apt. No.

The Tenant and Landlord/Manager agree upon the following terms on the _____ day of _____, 20_____ in regards to the tenant's alterations to the aforementioned rental unit:

The tenant shall make the following alterations to the rental unit:

The aforementioned alterations shall be put into place using the following materials:

Material: Cost:$
Material: Cost:$
Material: Cost:$

The cost of materials and labor shall be covered in the following manner:
The alteration, being personal property of the tenant, shall be covered in cost by the aforementioned tenant.
The landlord shall cover the cost of materials and pay the tenant $_____ an hour for labor, up to $_____.
The landlord shall deduct the cost of materials and labor, up to $_____ from the tenant's monthly rent.

At the termination of the lease:
The alteration belongs to the landlord and will be left as-is by the tenant upon moving out.
The alteration belongs to the tenant and may be removed or left behind.
The alteration must be removed and the property returned to its original state. Any cost of remodeling, repair and removal will be deducted from the tenant's security deposit.

Tenant's Signature
Date Signed
Landlord's Signature
Date Signed

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