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Affidavit Of Non-Military Service Business Form Template

NO. ____________________


JUDICIAL DISTRICT ____________________
STATE ____________________




Affidavit of Non Military Service

I, ____________________, being duly sworn, do hereby swear under the penalty of perjury that the following is true:

That I have personal knowledge of the defendant and know that the defendant {is not/has never been} on active duty in the military service.

I contacted the defendant on ____________________, and {he/she} told me that {he/she} is home from active duty between ____________________ and ____________________

The United States Department of Defense provided me with the following certificate (form attached) stating that the defendant is not currently on active duty.

I hereby declare the aforementioned information to be true, factual and correct according to my knowledge and belief.

Printed Name



Subscribed and sworn to before me this ____________________ day of ____________________ 20 ____________________

(Notary Public),

____________________ County.

My commission expires ____________________ 20 ____________________

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