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Actor Release Form Business Form Template

Actor Release Form

I, {Name}, attest that I am a ___SAG actor ___non-union actor appearing in {title of film, television show, etc.}. I agree to the following as conditions of my appearance:

  1. {Production Company} has the rights to use my performance, voice, likeness, image, etc. as it pertains to {title of film, television show, etc.} and any related materials, such as publicity, marketing, etc. in any capacity. This includes distribution, promotion, exhibition, etc.
  1. As compensation for my performance/appearance in {title of film, television show, etc.}, I have received {description of payment for appearance/performance} from {Production Company}.
  1. I will not make any claims, suits, actions, demands, etc. against {Production Company} or any of its representatives for anything related to the use of my performance, voice, likeness, image, etc.

______________________________                          ______________________________
Actor Name                                                                   Actor Signature


______________________________                          ______________________________
Producer Name                                                              Producer Signature


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